IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) Europe hosted several well-attended events recently:

CIONET/UI Path Event

Alain Mulder, senior director, IMA Europe Operations, was among the featured panelists in a lively discussion panel, sponsored by CIONET and UI Path, on the topic of “The Fully Automated Enterprise Is Here (and Looks Like This).” The panel gathered in person while attendees were able to listen in and participate virtually.

Learn more about the event on the CIONET website

UI Path 1 UI Path 2 

Austria Chapter Event

IMA’s Austria Chapter hosted a virtual event titled “Agile Ways of Strategic Planning and Scenario Modeling,” led by Martin Schulze and Jonas Schädler of Deloitte Germany.

In their talk, the speakers examined some of the disrupters that are expected to have an impact on controlling and accounting. They discussed how cloud computing is a new operating model and a “change in mindset.” They described the key steps to define the right level of detail for a planning system. They also explained different cloud-based solutions that might be helpful for strategic planning and scenario modeling.


Visit the IMA Europe website for more details about other upcoming events.