BakkerPlease tell us a little about the story of MVP (Markus Verbeek Praehep).

On 29 December 1896, nearly 125 years ago, Lion Markus graduated in bookkeeping and started teaching professionally in Amsterdam because of his passion for sharing knowledge. Together with the later-recruited fellow teacher Mr. Verbeek, the predecessor of the Markus Verbeek Praehep training institute (as it currently is known) was created.

Over the years, MVP has developed into the largest educational provider for accountants, payroll clerks, tax consultants and advisers, bookkeepers, administrators, and controllers. In times of great change and social unrest, these financial professionals are more than ever the new certainty. 

MVP offers the most complete and qualitative training for financial professionals. In addition to technical training, MVP provides a rapidly growing range of IT training courses in the field of Big Data, business intelligence, and data science, all focused on the financial professional. In addition, at MVP, professionals work on personal development thanks to various skills training courses in areas such as effective communication, advice, and personal effectiveness.

MVP, a recognized University of Applied Science, can be found at more than 30 teaching locations throughout the Netherlands and online via e-learning and virtual classrooms. MVP offers courses from MBO to Master, from full vocational training to continuing professional development training and from individual registration to in-company customization. All courses can be perfectly combined with work and private life. Thanks to our experienced, enthusiastic, energetic, and committed teachers and a practice-oriented training method, MVP is the trainer for the financial professional of today and of the future.

What requirements must the ideal financial professional meet to make a difference for his or her employer? 

MVP does not only supply training for financial professionals, but we also deliver the ideal financial professional. The ideal financial professional does not come with professional knowledge alone—that is an absolute condition to be successful. Yet, today’s financial professionals are increasingly advisors to management, internal stakeholders, and, in the case of accountants and freelancers, also to external clients. This requires different competencies. Are you able to explain to nonfinancial professionals in an understandable way how things work without getting bogged down in jargon? Do you come across as convincing? Have you acquired sufficient knowledge and skills regarding modern information and communication technologies, such as robotization, data science, power BI, and more?

Why was the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) program chosen at MVP?

MVP has trained a significant number of financial professionals in many different economic circumstances over the past nearly 125 years. With increasing globalization and more and more international contacts and takeovers of companies, it is also increasingly common that English is the working language in financial departments. Recruitment of employees sometimes is done by colleagues from other countries, and employees are expected to do cross-border work. Organizations must therefore look for financial professionals who not only have mastered the English language, but who also have mastered English financial jargon. In addition, it is important that employers recognize and value qualifications and trainings that have been followed.

In the Netherlands, we have the relatively long post-Master training to become a Register Controller (RC). This is not only a long process, but it also is one that is provided in Dutch. The title RC is well known in the Netherlands, but that is not the case internationally. For all these reasons—the English language, the international recognition, and the relatively short and effective training route—the CMA is a very welcome addition to MVP’s product portfolio. Our customers value the program, as it also fits in well with our bachelor's programs in Business Economics, Accountancy, and SPD Business Administration.

What are the study options currently available at MVP?

During the first coronavirus outbreak, MVP was able to switch very quickly to providing training via virtual classrooms—not only through MS Teams, Zoom, or Skype, but also via a user-friendly and intuitive system, Vitero, with many didactic possibilities. For example, we were able to provide CMA candidates with instruction via virtual classrooms, and e-learning. Thanks to our switch guarantee, participants can also decide to switch to a different learning form during their training.

What advice would you give to candidates currently preparing for the CMA exam?

Our training courses are provided by financial professionals who know your job very well. We know better than anyone that participants often must combine their studies with their family and work. That is not an easy task. The most important tips are, therefore, prepare yourself well, practice a lot of assignments and exam questions, and make a tight schedule. And stick to the plan! A year of concentrated study pays off!

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