This fall, IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) Europe recognized EY Finance Navigator as the winner of its Corporate Recognition Award for 2019. The award was presented during IMA’s “The Future of Finance Co-Driving the Business” event, held in Amsterdam on October 17, 2019, which attracted more than 80 professionals.

The Annual Corporate Recognition Award honors companies that are progressive in the field of innovation in accountancy and finance. EY Finance Navigator is a corporate startup that was founded in 2017; since that time, it has sold more than 800 licenses of its online financial planning software for startups and scaleups.

In presenting the award, Jeff Thomson, CMA, CSCA, CAE, IMA president and CEO, remarked, “We believe that EY Finance Navigator shows how finance professionals support entrepreneurs building the businesses of tomorrow by fostering new technologies and truly acting as a business partner.”

EY Finance Navigator is the fourth recipient of this annual award, which IMA presents every year during its “The Future of Finance” event. Noted Alain Mulder, IMA senior director of European operations, “We want to bring the contribution and innovations of Dutch financial professionals to light. EY Finance Navigator enriches our profession by making financial advice accessible to a target audience that greatly needs it.”

EY Finance Navigator Wins Best Practices in Finance Award
 Celebrating EY Finance Navigator’s award.

The event also featured a presentation by Han Kolff, who shared his broad experience aligning finance with business based on his work at organizations such as Heineken, Danone, Randstad, and TMF Group. His presentation was titled “Finance as a Frontier in the Digital Transformation.”

Frank H.M. Verbeeten, professor of accounting at the University of Amsterdam Business School and honorary professor of management accounting for IMA Europe, also delivered a talk on “Transforming the Finance Function in the Digital Area.”

In his presentation, Verbeeten discussed how “It’s a VUCA-world” – one that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. He spoke about the impact of digital changes on the role of the finance professional and how more robotics means “fewer people in transaction processing and somewhat fewer in reporting, with more people in areas like business intelligence, analytics, and strategy.” He used a powerful image of a “sheep with five legs” – that is, the expectations are now that finance professionals possess rare and special talents and skills. “How do finance employees keep up with new knowledge?” he posed. At the end of the day, people skills and competencies are key.

Finally, the event included a panel discussion on “The Future CFO: Which Skills Are Crucial?” featuring Gwen van Berne, CMA; Maria del Dado Alonso, CMA; Geoffrey S. Norby, CMA, CFM; Han Kolff; and Frank Verbeeten.