The global scope of IMA’s Higher Education Endorsement Program continues to grow, as the undergraduate accounting program at German University in Cairo (GUC) in December 2021 became one of the latest universities to earn recognition under the program.

IMA’s Higher Education Endorsement Program acknowledges accounting and finance programs that meet rigorous educational standards, enabling students to pursue and earn the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) certification. To qualify for endorsement, accredited institutions must substantially cover the CMA program content, invest adequate faculty resources to deliver this content, and be accredited by a recognized accreditation organization. More than 100 institutions of higher learning are now part of the program.

Said Hanadi Khalife, senior director of Middle East, Africa, and India operations at IMA, “I would like to welcome German University in Cairo to our growing list of endorsed schools in the region and around the world. GUC is one of Egypt’s leading universities for higher learning and the recognition will further our mission to empower its students as well as professionals who want to achieve their career goals. Such collaborations are aimed at bridging the skills gap to meet the evolving demands of employers while also preparing aspiring finance professionals to stand out in the job market.” 

Prof. Ehab Kamel Abou-Elkheir, GUC vice president of student affairs and dean of the Faculty of Management Technology, said, “IMA’s Higher Education Endorsement program is a prestigious acknowledgement of the strength of our program. The endorsement further enhances the international credibility of our curriculum and enables students graduating from our program to be recognized for their in-demand skills and business acumen, which will position them to become more prepared for the needs of the business world.”

German University in Cairo is a private nonprofit university located in New Cairo City, Egypt. Founded in 2002, the university offers 71 study programs (31 undergraduate and 40 postgraduate) leading to B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees. Classes are taught in English, and the study programs are designed according to German standards and accredited in Egypt as well as Germany. More than 10,000 students are enrolled at GUC, which has become the largest transnational education institute from the German perspective.

GUC’s accounting undergraduate program is part of the university’s Faculty of Management Technology and its General Management program. That program enables students to develop a broad-based range of concepts and business skills (including soft skills) needed to effectively manage the functional areas of a company and to become leaders in their respective organizations. The program fosters an understanding for the interdependencies of decisions made in the company and how value can be created by these decisions. At the undergraduate level, students graduate with two majors from those offered, which include Accounting & Financial Control, Economics, Finance, Human Resources and Organizational Behavior, Information Systems, Innovation & Technology Management, International Business, Marketing, Production & Operations, and Strategic Management. 

Commenting on the process of earning endorsement, Prof. Kamel explained that it required coordination among all instructors of the accounting and finance department to collect syllabi, homework assignments, and other materials to demonstrate the rigor of the program. “We were fortunate to have the full support of our faculty and university top administrators, which definitely helped us earn this prestigious endorsement.”

Prof. Kamel said that it is clear that being an IMA-endorsed school will benefit both the students and the university. 

“This endorsement is a stamp of excellence and signifies that our accounting program provides the rigorous curriculum needed for students to prepare for the CMA exam and successful careers in management accounting,” said Prof. Kamel “The CMA is highly respected by employers in Egypt, the Middle East, and around the world. We are pleased to be able to prepare our students to fill the skills gaps and become valuable contributors within their respective organizations.”

To learn more, please visit IMA’s Higher Education Endorsement Program.