Kavya on bikeKavya Ramesh is the co-founder and COO of Technogro Analytics LLP, a technology consulting company in Bangalore, India. She offered some inspiring words about her road to passing the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) exam and how it is already making a difference in her career.

Can you share something specific that pursing the CMA has enabled you to do?

I always wanted to do something beyond a bachelor’s degree while also studying towards it. I had that opportunity at Jain University, where I was able to earn my undergraduate degree (with honors) and also work towards my CMA certification. Soon after graduating and passing the CMA exam, I joined a company that operates in the hospitality sector and had the opportunity to explore various operational aspects of the industry, including being involved in budget and financing projects right from the start.

The concepts that I learned by preparing for and taking the CMA exam – strategic planning, decision analysis, risk management, investment decision making, and technology and analytics – drove a spirit of innovation in me to bring about a change in the firm. So, I’m now one of the founding partners of a startup that’s in the process of rethinking and reinventing the role of technology in the hospitality industry. It’s been amazing to see something grow from an idea on paper into something in reality. This ability to develop and conceptualize a new idea, lead a team, and serve it to help it grow – all of this has come to me thanks to studying for the CMA.

Where do you envision yourself in 5-10 years? 

For me, the CMA wasn’t just a course that I took, it was a life-changing decision. Preparing for the certification gave me a foundation to develop and competently apply all the skills I learned and gave me a great boost of confidence to choose an entrepreneurial journey. 

In the next 5-10 years, I envision myself as a happy leader who is devoted to serving causes that empower people around me. I see myself at the head of my startup that has earned great trust and confidence from the industry. 

What do you consider the highest priority for your career? 

The highest priority for me for my career, and also for my life, is happiness. If that doesn’t exist in what I do, then what I do doesn’t matter. To be happy, and to be able to share that happiness with all the stakeholders I interact with – my family, my peers, my friends and colleagues, and my clients – is what makes me feel fulfilled. It’s also what drives me to do better. As young professionals, we prioritize a lot of other things over happiness. For me, it’s a quintessential priority. 

What advice would you give to students who are in the early stages of considering management accounting or earning their CMA? 

Don’t just view the CMA as a certification. View this as a transformational tool that will drive you to grow as a true leader in whatever career you choose. The CMA journey would give you a holistic dimension to many aspects of life where you can pick up any skill and own it. 

For more information about the CMA, please visit www.imanet.org/cma-certification