A coordinated effort by several committed faculty members is helping to ensure that accounting students at the University of North Texas at Dallas get the recognition they deserve.

That recognition is membership in the IMA Accounting Honor Society (IAHS), which is available to all students ? IMA members and nonmembers alike ? who meet specific eligibility criteria (visit www.IAHS.org to learn more). Students can be nominated by a professor or provide proof of meeting eligibility requirements to be accepted into IAHS. Benefits include a Certificate of Recognition, a graduation cord, digital badge recognition, and a digital newsletter.

The effort at the University of North Texas at Dallas is being spearheaded by Patricia Wynn, CMA, CPA, business finance lecturer and IMA student chapter faculty advisor. A long-time IMA member with close ties to the IMA Dallas-Ft. Worth Chapter, Wynn became interested in the IAHS program after reading an article, titled ?Double the Recognition,? in the August 2016 issue of Strategic Finance. What she did next was mobilize some help.

?In addition, the dean of our business school, Dr. Karen Shumway, was interested in investigating how UNT at Dallas could get involved in IAHS. Dr. Shumway is a trustee for the Robert Morris University Illinois. We realized that we probably had many students who met the IAHS eligibility criteria. The dean?s office helped with obtaining an initial list from the registrar of every student enrolled as an accounting major and who met the eligibility requirements,? Wynn explained.

The 62 accounting majors (out of 150 accounting majors enrolled) who fit the IAHS?s eligibility criteria were contacted in late December 2016. A ?snail mail? invitation letter from Wynn and Ronald Fory (Lecturer in Accounting) was sent by the dean?s office to those students. After that initial mailing, Jodi Ryan, IMA director of student and academic relations, sent a follow-up email to those eligible accounting students as well.

?We emphasized to students the benefits of joining ? the fact that the cost of lifetime membership is very minimal compared with the value they receive. We also explained how membership in IAHS will help set them apart when they graduate as well as help grow their professional network,? said Wynn.

So far, approximately 20 students have decided to join IAHS. To acknowledge their achievements, the School of Business is taking this recognition one step further: The students were honored at a special induction ceremony on March 7. That ceremony was held in conjunction with the Sigma Beta Delta induction ceremony.

Efforts to spread the word about IAHS aren?t stopping there. Wynn said that all four of the accounting professors on campus are now talking about it as well as the benefits of becoming certified. The school is also starting a new five-year program this coming fall, which should bring another group of students who may be eligible to join IAHS.

?As a student, the more ways you can differentiate yourself, the better. IAHS is a great way for students to do this, and I?m pleased with the way our students have responded to this opportunity,? Wynn said.

For more information on IAHS, visit www.IAHS.org or contact Jodi Ryan, IMA director of student and academic relations, at jryan@imanet.org.