Important ICMA Announcements

CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) candidates are advised of the following important announcements:

Registration for Testing Windows

Registration is currently open for the September/October 2023, January/February 2024, and May/June 2024 testing windows. To take the CMA exam during these windows, please visit the exam registration page.

Fees for Changing or Canceling Exam Dates

Candidates may request a transfer to the next testing window for a fee of $75 under the following circumstances:

  • If you wish to change your exam appointment to the next testing window, you will be charged a fee of $75 by ICMA, and this request must be submitted to IMA Member Services at no later than five days before the scheduled appointment. This fee cannot be waived.
  • If you have an exam appointment, the exam appointment must be canceled before the transfer request can be processed. If your appointment is not canceled in time, ICMA cannot switch your registration.
  • Prometric will charge a $50 fee if you are canceling or rescheduling your exam within three to 30 days of the appointment date. This fee cannot be waived.

Candidates also have the option to reschedule their appointment within the same testing window. Prometric will charge a $50 fee to candidates who reschedule/cancel appointments within three to 30 days of the scheduled test date. No payment will be due to ICMA for this option.

If you miss your appointment, or if you cancel your exam within three days (72 hours) of your scheduled appointment, you will be considered a “no-show” and you will forfeit your exam fee.

Remember: Both exam parts must be successfully completed within three years of the date of entry into the CMA program. Entrance fees cannot be extended.

Candidate Conduct

Question Sharing: Sharing CMA multiple-choice and essay exam questions with others after taking the exam is a violation of ICMA’s examinee conduct policy and is considered cheating. CMA candidates will be expelled from the CMA program if they disclose CMA exam questions:

  • To other candidates
  • To review course providers
  • On social media or any other online forum

Cheating: Examinees who are caught cheating will have their grades invalidated and be expelled from the CMA program. Cheating includes copying answers during the exam, using unauthorized materials during the exam, helping another candidate during the exam, removing exam materials from the testing room, disclosing exam questions to others, and/or falsifying credentials.

Copyright Violation: In addition, any reproduction, reuse, or distribution of CMA review course materials without prior written permission from the publisher is illegal and a material violation of the IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice. A CMA candidate who reproduces, reuses, or distributes CMA materials without prior authorization from the publisher is subject to legal action as well as expulsion from the CMA program.

Violation of these policies is also a violation of IMA’s ethics policy and will result in expulsion from IMA.

Exam Prep Resources

All candidates are reminded about the helpful CMA Candidate Resource Center on the IMA website, which features useful videos, practice questions, study guides, webinars, and other resources to help candidates pass the exam.

Candidates should also become familiar with the CMA Handbook, which contains all the information about the exam program, requirements, scores, etc. Many candidate questions are answered in this handbook.

For questions about any of these announcements, please contact