ShwetaWhen Shweta Kshirsagar was studying as a student at Osmania University in India, she wanted to find something that, as she explains, “would give her an edge over the other students.” It didn’t take her long to discover the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant), which she thought could help take her career in the direction of commerce, an area that she had majored in and which she loved.

Commerce isn’t Shweta’s only love. She also has spent much of her life pursuing the sport of roller hockey (also known as rink hockey). She is currently a professional player as a member of a senior team from Telangana, India, that competes internationally. During her career, she’s won a gold medal in the senior women’s category and served as captain of a senior women’s team that competed in the World Skate Championships, held in Barcelona in 2019.

It's a demanding sport that commands a lot of her time. For the past decade or so, she’s had to travel extensively and participate in grueling physical training. She practices about three to four hours a day every day, and that’s just on the days she’s not actually playing.

Still, when Shweta decided to make a commitment to earning her CMA, she carved out time for it.

“We have practice in the early mornings, so my routine was to make time after practice. What I mostly did was take mock exams and keep challenging myself to perform better and better on them.” She laughs that she had to carry around “some pretty big books” during the times that she was studying. It made her luggage pretty heavy.

Because she had just completed her undergraduate degree, Shweta found that the material covered on the exam was very familiar to her. She also believes that her training as an athlete will prove beneficial to her, now that she’s a CMA and looking to start her career.

“The sport has taught me so much about being a team player and being disciplined. That definitely helped when I was preparing for the exam, and I hope it will serve me well as I explore possible jobs outside of hockey.” She also believes that being on a professional team taught her about respecting your superiors and learning from your mistakes.

Having passed both parts of the CMA exam recently, Shweta is now looking for a position that can help her kick off her business career and, with any luck, keep her involved in rink hockey. “It’s been a big part of my life, ever since I was a young teenager. My sister plays as well, and I’ve had the chance to meet so many wonderful people and travel around the world. I’m looking forward to seeing where the CMA will take me.”