While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions to life and work as usual, many CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) candidates are using this time to focus on studying for their certification.

To provide support, here are some helpful (and mostly free) resources that candidates can access for exam preparation and remote learning.

IMA Resources

  • Step-by-step guide to the CMA: A quick look at how to get started on the path to becoming a CMA.
  • What you can expect on your CMA journey: A short video about how to take on the CMA study and testing process with confidence.
  • CMA exam podcasts: In this episode of IMA’s Count Me In podcast, learn what is assessed on the exam and how these competencies are relevant to the management accountant’s role. In CMA Update!, Senior Vice President of Certifications Dennis Whitney explains how IMA has responded to challenges due to the global coronavirus outbreak.

Webinars: IMA webinars provide expert exam tips and strategies to help organize your studies and prepare for the big day, the day of the exam.

Practice questions: Use these sample multiple choice questions and essays to test your CMA knowledge.

Study groups: Join a worldwide network of peers to get support, discuss study strategies, and form study groups at myIMA Network study groups.

Expert advice: Get advice from a leading CMA instructor in this series of six videos, featuring how to set your study plan and how to manage stress on exam day.

How to study video: New CMAs share their study tips in this helpful video.

Partner Resources


  • Free Becker Essentials Bundle: A collection of 16.5 CPE hour courses meant to build the important skills for students and professionals entering the work force. Use code IMA400 at check out. 
  • Becker CMA Exam Review Demo: Experience Becker’s CMA Exam Review with a free 14-day demo featuring access to digital textbooks, multiple-choice questions, Adapt2U Technology, personalized review sessions, and more.

CMA Exam Academy

  • CMA Exam Secrets: Expert tips to help you pass the exam the first time. Learn how to answer multiple-choice questions fast and accurately – and discover time-saving ideas for the essays.
  • For additional resources, check out these helpful study tools.



  • HOCK 14-day free trial: Try the HOCK course with free access to the HOCK CMA Part 1 Section A and CMA Part 2 Section E textbooks, practice questions, and videos.
  • CMA Exam Guide: Everything candidates need to know about the CMA certification, CMA exam requirements, studying for the exam, and getting started.

I Pass the CMA Exam 

  • Free CMA Exam Information: Review a step-by-step overview of becoming a CMA, CMA exam study tips, and encouragement from our team of accountants.
  • Free CMA Exam Formulas: Access a free guide of CMA exam formulas that you must commit to memory while preparing to pass your exams. Plus, each formula includes helpful explanations to help you better understand how to use it and what the elements of the formula mean.



For more information, visit CMA resources on the IMA website.