CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) candidates are advised of the following important announcements:

May/June 2021 Testing Window Extended

To help alleviate anxiety about scheduling CMA exam appointments during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ICMA® (Institute of Certified Management Accountants) has decided to lengthen the May-June 2021 testing window to now include the month of April as well.

Registration for this extended April-June testing window will remain open until June 15, 2021. To register to take the CMA exam, please visit the exam registration page.

Submitting Educational Transcripts

CMA candidates must submit all required educational transcripts to ICMA electronically on a temporary basis.

  • Please email all documents in PDF format and make sure to include your IMA membership number. Send to: 
  • If you have already submitted your educational documents by mail, please resubmit a scanned copy of your documents to the above email address.

For questions about any of these announcements, please contact

Candidate Conduct

Question Sharing

Sharing CMA multiple-choice and essay exam questions with others after taking the exam is a violation of ICMA’s examinee conduct policy and is considered cheating. CMA candidates will be expelled from the CMA program if they disclose CMA exam questions:

  • To other candidates
  • To review course providers
  • On social media or any other online forum


Examinees who are caught cheating will have their grades invalidated and will be expelled from the CMA program. Cheating includes copying answers during the exam, using unauthorized materials during the exam, helping another candidate during the exam, removing exam materials from the testing room, disclosing exam questions to others, and/or falsifying credentials.

Copyright Violation 

In addition, any reproduction, reuse, or distribution of CMA review course materials without prior written permission from the publisher is illegal and a material violation of the IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice. A CMA candidate who reproduces, reuses, or distributes CMA materials without prior authorization from the publisher is subject to legal action as well as expulsion from the CMA program.

Violation of these policies is also a violation of IMA’s ethics policy and will result in expulsion from IMA.