Companies around the world are making a commitment to encourage CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) certification. Here are three organizations – from India, Europe, and the U.S. – that have recently taken steps to support the CMA among their current and future employees:

Amazon India recently signed a formal agreement with IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) to support the CMA program. Under the agreement, negotiated by Lata Murli, IMA India business relations manager, Amazon India intends to:
  • Host a job fair for CMA-qualified professionals on their premises
  • Include “U.S. CMA” as one of the preferred qualifications on their finance and accounting job postings – both online and in other communications
  • Commit to hiring more than 40 CMAs
  • Commit to supporting current staff members as they pursue the CMA program
“This agreement demonstrates the success and strength of our program in India,” said Jim Gurowka, CAE, IMA senior vice president of international operations. “It’s also the result of our team in India working hard to forge this relationship. We look forward to helping Amazon India both attract CMA-qualified candidates to its organization and to enhancing the skills of those accounting and finance professionals already on staff.”

Philips, the Dutch technology company headquartered in Amsterdam, recently launched their latest in-house CMA review course, with employees from its headquarters attending in person and others attending via webinar. Philips is a long-time supporter of CMA certification and the winner of IMA’s 2018 Jim Bulloch Award in recognition of that support.

“Philips has been committed for many years to helping its employees advance their careers through CMA certification,” said Alain Mulder, IMA Europe regional director. “We are proud to partner with them on this in-house course and to provide educational support as staff prepares to take the CMA exam. The program has the full backing of Philips’ senior management, which strongly encourages lifelong learning and professional development.”

Koch Industries
Koch, a U.S. multinational company based in Wichita, Kan., is also committed to excellence among its finance and accounting staff and that commitment shows. Currently, approximately 20 individuals in the accounting and finance function are already CMA-certified and the company is seeking to add to their ranks.

As Koch encourages its employees to constantly learn, transform, and strive for self-actualization, the company offers generous reimbursement for those who pursue their CMA under a program known as the Koch Education Assistance Plan. Under the program, the company reimburses employees for passing the exam, for company-provided review materials, and numerous other expenses. The program makes it easier and more affordable for staff to earn the CMA (as well as other professional certifications).

“Koch is truly committed to helping their employees become CMA-certified,” said Sam Walker, IMA director of business development. “Many senior accounting and finance staff members at Koch hold the CMA – including vice presidents and controllers – and so the company has seen first-hand the value of the CMA skill set. It is encouraging to see a company so committed to enhancing the career outlook of their employees.”

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