IMA Educational Case Journal

The IMA Educational Case Journal (IECJ®) is a quarterly, online journal whose mission is to publish for management accounting and related fields:

  • Teaching cases
  • Research related to case writing or teaching with cases

The case studies in this journal provide an educational resource rich in detail to reflect current problems and complexities characteristic of today's dynamic business environment. It aims to facilitate interaction between financial professionals and educators.

IECJ is listed in the Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Accounting.


IECJ Case Writing Competitions

IMA offers case writing competitions with cash awards, including:

  • Carl Menconi Ethics Case Competition: Cases are focused on business ethics, and the winning case is featured in Strategic Finance.
    Deadline: January 19

  • IECJ® Data Analytics/Visualization Case Writing Competition: Cases must include a data set and cover any area appropriate for management accounting-related courses.
    Deadline: June 30

  • IECJ® Spring Short Case Writing Competition: Submit short cases in any area appropriate for management accounting-related courses with a word limit of 1000 words. The case must have been used in the classroom and must be submitted in English. A complete Teaching Note must be submitted for it to be considered for the competition. We are looking for cases that can be covered in less than a full class period. First Prize $1000, Second Prize $500, and Third Prize $300.
    Deadline: April 30

  • IECJ® Summer Case Writing Competition: Submit cases in any area appropriate for management accounting-related courses. Cases submitted to the competition will concurrently be reviewed for publication in IECJ.
    Deadline: July 31

How can I submit a case for publication?

Case studies jointly authored by academics and practitioners are strongly encouraged. Real-world cases are strongly preferred, but fictional cases, especially those with some basis in practice, will be considered. International submissions are welcome and encouraged.

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Case submissions are refereed by members of the IECJ Editorial Advisory and Review Board using a double-blind review process.

Editorial Board

Leif Sjöblom, IMD (Switzerland)

Managing Editor
Qi “Susie” Duong, PhD, CMA, CPA, CIA, EA (USA)

Associate Editors
Laurie Burney, Baylor University (USA)

Margaret Shackell-Dowell, Ithica College (USA)

Thomas G. Calderon, The University of Akron (USA)

Editorial Advisory and Review Board

Güler Aras, Yildiz Technical University (Turkey)

D’Arcy Becker, University of Wisconsin – Whitewater (USA)

Vince Bruni-Bossio, University of Saskatchewan (Canada)

Dennis Caplan, University at Albany (USA)

Peter Clarke, University College Dublin (Ireland)

Tony Curatola, Drexel University (USA)

Nicholas Fessler, Western Kentucky University, (USA)

George Joseph, University of Massachusetts Lowell (USA)

Suresh Kalagnanam, University of Saskatchewan (Canada)

William Koprowski (USA)


Jim Mackey, California State University Sacramento (USA)

Keith Maki (USA)

Ella Mae Matsumura, University of Wisconsin – Madison (USA)

Mark Mishler, University of Michigan (USA)

Shane Moriarity, Actrix (New Zealand)

Essam Moustafa, United Arab Emirates University (UAE)

Neale O’Connor, Moonash University (Malaysia)

Paolo Perego, Free University of Bolanzo-Bozen (Italy)

Robert Rankin, Texas A&M University (USA)

Norman Sheehan, University of Saskatchewan (Canada)


Gary Spraakman, York University (Canada)

Teresa Stephenson, University of Alaska Anchorage (USA)

Marty Stuebs, Baylor University (USA)

Monte Swain, Brigham Young University (USA)

Susan Weiss, Rhode Island College (USA)

Lourdes Ferreira White, University of Baltimore (USA)

Vanita Yadav, Central Queensland University (AU)

Randall Young, Texas State University (USA)

Jidong Zhang, Winona State University (USA)