Did you know Blockbuster had the opportunity to purchase NetFlix, but declined? I just learned this from listening to Andy Burrows’ (CEO & Founder of Supercharged Finance) podcast, one in a new series called “Count Me In” brought to you by IMA. In 15 minutes, Burrows shared his perspective on “Strategic Business Innovation” and why an established brand like Blockbuster missed the next big thing and ultimately doomed its business.

I like learning things in 15 minutes. Podcasts have been a groundbreaking invention for me. My daily drive to work turns into a mini-lecture hall and I always have interesting conversation topics at dinner. “Count Me In” hosts, Adam Larson and Mitch Roshong, ask probing questions that generate candid discussion. I feel like I am in coffee shop listening to a really engaging conversation.

IMA’s podcast series draws from experts across the spectrum of accounting, finance, and business. In some cases, the podcasts stem from topics discussed in articles published in Strategic Finance. For example Mark Nickerson, recently wrote about “AI: Risks and Rewards” and then elaborated more about the inspiration for the article in a podcast by the same name. I was fascinated by Nickerson’s insights on AI and its potential for bias, since AI takes its lessons from human interactions. From Nickerson’s point of view, the human bias that led to fraud in the early 2000s might still be contained in the data that feeds AI today.

Technology’s impact on the accounting and finance profession, as well as the world, is a frequent theme touched on by many of the podcast contributors. For instance, Pierce Kohls, CFO, Tente Canada, discusses “The Deceptive Allure of Emerging Technologies,” cautioning us not to get lost in the promise of emerging technologies at the expense of existing ones. Kohls’ point of view is valuable, not only is he the CFO, but he also heads IT. As more and more finance professionals become tasked with leading digital transformation initiatives, this podcast offers actionable advice that is hard to find.

In many cases the podcasts relate directly to the roles and responsibilities of finance and accounting professionals like controllers. For instance the podcast interview of Danielle Supkis Creek, Director PKF Texas, on “Analytics for Fraud Prevention,” offers practical tips for mitigating fraud. Drawing from her experience, Supkis offers ideas like utilizing fraud classification trees for those who need to implement fraud prevention strategies. She also touches on how fraud can be detected at the operational level, through monitoring behavior, not just numbers.

If you are a curious person, who likes to learn on their own time, I highly recommend IMA’s “Count Me In” podcast. New episodes are added on a regular basis and are FREE to anyone who wants to listen. Subscribe today.

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