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Volume 10 Issue 1

IMA Educational Case Journal
ISSN 1940-204X


Steven H. Smith, Western Washington University

NORTHERN STATE UNIVERSITY’S COLLEGE OF BUSINESS is preparing for its reaccreditation review. Northern State University is a medium-sized regional state university. The new dean for the College of Business must determine its goals and objectives in preparing for reaccreditation. In line with the reaccreditation’s mission-directed objectives, the College of Business chairpersons have prepared departmental mission statements. The mission statements indicate competing views among the chairpersons regarding the identity of the college’s customers and how to measure success. The dean has asked a committee of the chairpersons to use a balanced scorecard approach and prepare a strategy map. In addition, the committee is to identify possible performance metrics and to consider initiatives for long-term success.

Keywords: Strategy, mission, balanced scorecard, university, performance metrics.
Peggy Beranek, University of Colorado
Kimberly A. Zahller, University of Colorado

THIS CASE FOCUSES ON THE ROLE OF weak internal controls, conflicts of interest, and a weak board of directors in escalating unethical decisions, resulting in the misappropriation of funds for a small homeowner’s association. The case is based on a real-life situation and vividly illustrates the roles of governance and internal control in aligning organizational and stakeholder objectives and how “good” people can make bad decisions. The setting of a small, volunteer-driven nonprofit allows students to apply the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) Internal Control – Integrated Framework to a realistically fluid situation with missing, weak, or bypassed controls and a weak governance system with no outside reporting requirements.

Keywords: Internal control, governance, conflict of interest, fraud, not-for-profit, nonprofit, COSO Framework