CSCA: Everything You Need to Know

  • Program Highlights

    • 3-hour exam that includes 60 multiple-choice questions and 1 case study
    • 30-50 hours of study suggested, depending on your level of expertise
    • 20 NASBA-approved CPE credits
    • March and September exam windows

  • Exam Overview

    The CSCA exam will cover and test three content areas:

    1. Strategic Analysis
    2. Creating Competitive Advantage
    3. Strategy Implementation and Performance Evaluation

  • Who Is It For?

    Certified Management Accountants who:

    • Hold positions ranging from staff accountant to CFO
    • Aspire to expand their strategic planning knowledge for current or future roles

There are a variety of resources to help you prepare for the exam. We recommend starting with the three resources below, as they provide a high-level understanding of the body of knowledge and study goals that the CSCA exam requires.

  • Content Specification Outline and Learning Outcome Statements

    We've outlined the content covered on the CSCA exam. These useful documents can point to the areas that will require additional study and help you craft a personalized study plan.

    Content Specification Outline

    Learning Outcome Statements

  • IMA Strategy and Competitive Analysis Learning Series ™

    This series of five online courses and practice questions is a unique study resource, developed by IMA specifically for the CSCA credential. Each course features exercises, knowledge check questions, and a final assessment.

  • CSCA Candidate Handbook

    This handbook is the go-to resource for all prospective CSCA candidates. It provides you with information on the requirements for certification: registration procedures, scheduling exams, and the examination process itself.

    CSCA Candidate Handbook

CSCA Program Fees

Program Fee


Includes: entrance into the CSCA program, one exam registration, and two years of access to the IMA Strategy and Competitive Analysis Learning Series.

A retake fee of $300 applies to candidates each time they register for a subsequent exam.

A program re-entry fee of $100 applies to candidates who do not complete the program within a two-year period.

How to Get Started?

1 Have an active CMA* The CSCA program is available to all CMAs in good standing.
2 Enroll in the program When you enroll in the CSCA program, you will receive an exam registration authorization and access to the online courses in the IMA Strategy and Competitive Analysis Learning Series.
3 Create your study plan Leverage the various resources available to prepare for the exam. Decide on the combination of resources needed to craft your study plan.
4 Schedule the exam Visit Prometric’s website to select your exam date. Exams are offered in March and September.

What If Your CMA Expired?

In order to enter the CSCA program, you will need to return your CMA status to good standing by meeting CPE requirements and paying appropriate fees. Please contact our Customer Service team at (800) 638-4427, or email, to review your specific situation and next steps.

Questions About Taking the CSCA Exam?

* The CSCA credential can be earned by CMAs and CFMs in good standing. If your CMA/CFM has lapsed, please contact our Customer Service team at 800-638-4427 or email us at so we can advise you on how to reactivate your certification.