Download 6 sample exam questions to get a feel for the exam.

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Resources to Help You Prepare for the Exam

We recommend starting with our Content Specification Outline and Learning Outcome Statements for a comprehensive understanding of the body of knowledge tested on the CSCA exam. This will allow you to drill down into the areas that require more time and focus as you study.

Content Specification Outline

We've outlined the content areas that you’ll need to master in order to pass the CSCA exam.

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Learning Outcome Statements

Consider this your syllabus. It provides an in-depth description of each exam subtopic so you can easily gauge your readiness.

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IMA offers numerous resources to help you study for the exam. Based on your specific experience with the subject matter, you can choose the ones that are most beneficial to you.

IMA Strategy and Competitive Analysis Learning Series®

The CSCA credential is supported by a series of engaging, online self-study courses, offered as part of your entry into the program. Each course features exercises, knowledge check questions, and a final assessment. You will also receive access to sample practice questions to reinforce your preparation.

Reading List

Strengthen your learning with useful reading suggestions.

This document also contains Ratio & Formula Definitions for the CSCA exam.

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Resource Guide

Focus your efforts with this valuable guide that maps exam topics to specific chapter references.

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Customize your study plan with the mix of resources that best meets your needs.


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