IMA Salary Surveys

IMA’s Global Salary Survey examines earnings specific to management accountants and those with the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) credential. It is organized into U.S. and regional surveys and analyzes self-reported data from members around the world. Topics covered include: base salary and total compensation, the impact of gender and age, the effect of the CMA, and job satisfaction (such as work hours and benefits).

Key Insights:

  • Globally, the median base salary is 45% higher, and total compensation is 50% higher for CMAs over non-CMAs.*
  • CMAs of all ages earn more than non-CMAs. Those aged 30-39 receive a median salary 49-50% greater than their non-CMA peers.*
  • CMAs believe their certification creates career opportunities and strengthens their ability to move across business areas.

* IMA Global Salary Survey (Published 2017)

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