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Ethics Center

IMA Committee on Ethics

The IMA Committee on Ethics encourages organizations and individuals to adopt, promote, and execute business practices consistent with high ethical standards, by providing valuable insight in response to our changing profession. The Committee upholds IMA’s Statement of Ethical Professional Practice and provides subject-matter expertise to members of IMA for resolution of ethical conflicts.

Statement of Ethical Professional Practice

Members of IMA shall behave ethically. A commitment to ethical professional practice includes: overarching principles that express our values, and standards that guide our conduct.


IMA's overarching ethical principles include: Honesty, Fairness, Objectivity, and Responsibility. Members shall act in accordance with these principles and shall encourage others within their organizations to adhere to them.


A member's failure to comply with the following standards may result in disciplinary action.

  1. Competence
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Integrity
  4. Credibility

View the full IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice, including Resolution of Ethical Conflict.

IMA Ethics Helpline

IMA offers an Ethics Helpline service to members of IMA and other professionals. Contact the Helpline for free, confidential guidance on ethical issues.

After a preliminary discussion of the problem to determine the kind of ethics matter being reported, an ethics counselor can respond to the caller, or callers may remain anonymous. The counselor will not provide a specific resolution but will explain how the dilemma relates to the provisions of IMA's Statement of Ethical Professional Practice.

To access the Helpline, please call: (800) 245-1383

Individuals outside of the U.S. and Canada may have to dial another toll-free access code first before dialing the Ethics Helpline. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit the AT&T website
  2. Select your country from the drop-down menu (in the box for AT&T USAdirect access numbers).
  3. Dial the numbers provided before you dial the ethics helpline number.