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Technology Solutions and Practices Committee

Today, management accountants and finance professionals sit at the nexus of accounting, finance, business… and technology. Technology has helped the profession evolve by adding new responsibilities to the role of management accountants and requiring them to understand how to best leverage technologies for data-driven decision making, insight, and influence.

IMA is focused on helping members understand the application of technology to their day-to-day accounting/finance activities, as well as at a higher-level, strategic role in helping a company move forward, grow, and create value for stakeholders. Technology enablement is one of IMA’s “practice areas” that define the body of knowledge/content focus for management accountants, including research studies, educational programs, and the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) exam.

The Technology Solutions & Practices (TS&P) Committee was created to inform members about existing and emerging technology solutions and practices (in a vendor-independent manner) to enable accountants and financial professionals in business and their organizations to be more strategically effective and efficient.

This is accomplished through an integrated approach to provide education programs, research, advocacy, and thought leadership around the use of technology in areas such as financial planning and analysis, risk management and internal controls, business reporting and analysis/advanced analytics, performance measurement, business process improvement, and enabling technologies such as eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL).

For inquiries about the IMA work of the TS&P Committee, please contact:

Michael Maloney

Senior Network Administrator
+1 (201) 474-1570