BONUS | Kavya Ramesh - CMAs Making a Difference

December 10, 2020 | 10 Minutes

Kavya Ramesh is the co-founder and chief operating officer of Technogro Analytics, LLP, a company that provides technology consulting services to the hospitality industry. She joins Count Me In as part of the "CMAs Making a Difference" campaign, a part of a worldwide initiative at IMA. In this episode, Kavya discusses what the CMA has done for her career, how she plans on using the credential to advance in her career, and shares some of her other career accomplishments. She is based in Bangalore, India and earned her CMA while she was still a student at Jain University, from which she graduated with honors. To hear more about how the CMA credential and CMAs make a difference, download and listen now!

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Mitch: (00:05)
 Welcome back to Count Me In, IMA's podcast about all things affecting the accounting and finance world. I'm your host Mitch Roshong, and today I'm going to bring you a bonus episode of our series. In this episode, we're featuring one of our CMAs Making a Difference. The CMA is Making a Difference campaign is a part of a worldwide initiative at IMA its goal is to showcase the many ways that earning IMA's Certified Management Accountant certification can set your career on an incredible new path, giving accounting and finance professionals access to exciting career and leadership opportunities. The campaign also tells stories of CMAs who are truly making an impact within their organizations, and in some cases around the world. Today, we're speaking with Kavya Ramesh, a CMA who is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Techno Grow Analytics, LLP Techno Grow provides technology consulting services to the hospitality industry. Kavya is based in Bangalore, and she speaks with my co-host Adam about earning her CMA and the various opportunities it has presented. So now let's head over to the conversation and hear how this CMA is Making a Difference.

Adam: (01:19)
So can you share something specific that the CMA has enabled you to do?

Kavya: (01:24)
All right, so this might come off as a bit unusual, but for me it wasn't just the accounting part of the course, but actually the non-accounting part of the CMA that gave me an incredible edge.  It was strategic planning, decision analysis, risk management, investment decision-making, and to an extent, even the technology and analytics part that, helped me to broaden my horizon and to look for continued innovation and everything I did. So soon after graduating and passing my CMA exams, this is an interesting story, right? So I joined this company, as an associate consultant, and I was a part of their projects division. So I was involved in budgeting and financing projects from scratch. This firm operates in the hospitality sector, and while working here, I got the opportunity to explore a lot of operational aspects of the industry. So the above-mentioned concepts, right, that I learned from the US CMA, they drove a spirit of innovation if I could say. And I realized that I could bring a sort of change in the setup of the form.A new extort process, if you will, that could bring in a lot of change in the way the company operates. So while we were delving into this, I actually got struck by an idea that could in the very near future change the way the entire industry operated. So as a result of that, we have formed a startup today that is called Techno and Analytics, LLP, and I'm one of their co-founding partners. So our startup is basically in the process of free thinking and reinventing the role of technology in the hospitality industry. So we currently have a very diverse team working on our applications, and we're now ready to launch in the market. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, this is brought in our new marketing team and we're working on, how we can strategize our market entry. So all said and done, whatever the case may be, the ability to develop and conceptualize a new idea and to lead a team and to see it grow to this extent, all of this came to me, thanks to the CMA.

Adam: (03:36)
So I think it's amazing that you're part of a startup so early in your career. So what's that like being part of a startup?

Kavya: (03:41)
So I always knew I wanted to do something by myself that I could really connect to and I could make an impact with, right. So when we had this idea of, we jumped right into forming a team and all the process, every step, every day was a learning curve. Seeing that my day starts by working with 50 year olds, people who have seen generations together before I was born and seeing people my age step in and take the lead on the forefront of operations. It's been a great mix of people that I could learn so much from. And technology and analytics was something new to me. So while working towards the startup and these, the applications that we working on, I in fact, got to do a lot of up-skilling or cross skilling for that matter. So I took up some coding lessons. I took a few, designing because we worked on most of this from scratch. So it's like, it's like seeing a baby grow up, you know, infancy to say a toddlers is so far. It's been great every day, I wake up with a drive to, to see, you know, what this day holds for me.

Adam: (04:57)
That's amazing. So looking at that beautiful story that you just told, where do you kind of envision yourself in 5to 10 years?

Kavya: (05:05)
In the next 5-10 years, I envisioned myself as a happy leader who is devoted to serving causes that empower people around me. I see myself as the head of my startup that's on itself, great trust and confidence from the industry. I also see myself as a loving individual doing the best I can for everyone around me. On a personal note, I see myself devoting a lot more time of my day and teaching yoga. So a lesson on fact about me is that I'm a certified yoga instructor. So there's nothing better than seeing my students leave the class with a smile. So that's the way I love to begin my day. And I'd like to see myself doing more of that five years down the line. I think in the next 10 years, I'd have gained a lot more volunteering experience too, and what opportunities IMA would have for me then are only imaginable. And so I really can't wait to give back my most of this institution that has so wonderfully shaped my career. So my goal in the next five to 10 years is basically channeled all that I have learned so far into giving back.

Adam: (06:08)
What's one goal that you want to accomplish in your career?

Kavya: (06:12)
Alright, so my goal in courier and also in life is to have harmony. I believe that for all of us, there are three aspects of life, that make and break who we are and how we living. So these three aspects for me are health, wealth, and love. I would see my career as a successful one. If every day, all my actions are bringing harmony in these three facets of life, health, wealth, and love. I've given this quite a lot of thought since I started at university with the rights and CRT competence and motivation, excellence would follow. But what is that? What truly matters, right? For me, it isn't just the materialistic success it's and that's why my goal is to succeed in all these three aspects, have great health, create wealth and create love. And this isn't something that I look to achieve one day, the goal is to keep accomplishing this everyday in my career. And so when I see I've done this every day so far, that's when I feel a sense of accomplishment in my career.

Adam: (07:16)
That's wonderful. So then what's your highest priority as you move forward in your career?

Kavya: (07:21)
So my highest priority in life and also in my career, of course, is happiness. If that doesn't exist in what I do, then what I do, doesn't matter. To be happy and to be able to share that happiness with all the stakeholders I interact with, be it, my family, my peers, my friends and colleagues, or even my clients for that matter is what makes me feel fulfilled. It's also what drives me to do better. So here's the thing, right? I do this exercise when things don't make sense to me, I close my eyes and I take a five. I think about, what I'm feeling right now and how I exactly want to feel. And then I think about how I got here and all that led me to reach this place. And once I have these answers, there's this huge sense of gratitude in me. And I'm back to work with a smile. So as young professionals, we usually prioritize a lot of other things over happiness, but I'm of the opinion that it is actually a quintessential priority. So yes, happiness is my highest priority in my career.

Adam: (08:23)
You've done some amazing things and you've shared some wonderful stories. I wonder if you could share, who is your role model and why?

Kavya: (08:30)
Oh, yes, I do have a role model. My father is my role model. So he is so because he's the one who taught me to think for myself. He taught me to understand all the things I could be and above all to be kind and grateful. All the ambition, the genius, If anyone sees in me, I owe it to his endless encouragement and guidance. He also led me to know I can do more of my life then just working a job. And he showed me that quality life means to nourish and to grow with every passing day. So I wouldn't be this and say what I'm saying right now. If it weren't for him,

Closing: (09:11)
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