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To stay relevant in today’s evolving business landscape, you must train your teams in new skills, new domains, and the application of those skills in a new context. The previous models of lifelong learning support job attainment and on-the-job learning in silos—they don’t support the future work. That is evident in the current demand for “disruptive” skills in the finance and accounting industry: 

Organizations should play a stronger role in unifying all stakeholders in a lifelong learning ecosystem, both internally and externally. We can help you do just that by: 

  1. Redefining: education as a benefit in a corporate strategy
  2. Identifying: educational pathways that provide meaningful progression and skills development
  3. Aligning: corporate partner and employee needs with educational partners and programs
  4. Providing: end-to-end program management, technology, services, and support

Get Future Ready with Wiley

Mastering new skills to remain competitive is touted as the most important way workers can stay marketable in a new tech world, such as automation; surveys show nearly 40% of workers fear their job will become obsolete in the next five years. But preparing for tomorrow’s economy can be easy with the right partner. 

Bridge the skills gap with our business skills courses including blockchain, Excel, AR/VR, Power BI, Professional Skills, and more skills that are in-demand across occupations and industries. With consistent, reliable, and award-winning courses, we provide effective training for current employees and prosperous onboarding for new hires. Partner with a brand you can trust; Wiley has been voted America’s #1 trusted company in 2022 by Newsweek. 

With Wiley you get:

  • Wiley Success Tracker to see employee progression
  • Industry-validated content and expert insights
  • Workshops and training on the latest trends
  • Tools that build job-ready skills like Excel and Power BI
  • A variety of training options including live courses, video courses, self-paced career courses
  • Improved CMA pass rates

It's evident that upskilling is pivotal for both workers and businesses as we adapt to a post-COVID world. What is your organization doing to stay ahead of the curve? 

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