New Work for CFOs: Trends in the World of Work 2022

The following is brought to you by IMA Europe strategic partner Schulmeister, a leading human resource consultancy based in Europe with locations in Vienna, Linz, Graz, Hamburg, and Prague.

The world of work has changed radically in the past two years. How do the changes affect finance departments in companies in Austria? What trends are emerging in the world of work, especially for CFOs? In collaboration with the Austrian Controller Institute, Schulmeister Management Consulting sought to answer these questions in a survey of more than 800 participants, specifically managers and specialists in the CFO area.

The survey examined:

  • Satisfaction with work culture, new work factors, and drivers of new work culture
  • Personal work situations, work, and working conditions
  • New talent and labor shortages.

Among the key trends identified:

  • Satisfaction among finance professionals is consistently high, despite the radical change in the environment, which might suggest lower scores. The pandemic has both created new trends and accelerated existing ones, and without it, progress towards a new world of work in the CFO organization would have been much slower.
  • The majority of managers and professionals rate their personal work situation as good to very good. This is mainly due to working conditions such as a pleasant working atmosphere, a safe and technologically well-equipped workplace, a good work-life balance, and attractive salaries, which are offered by the majority of companies.
  • CFOs are looking for new staff but are finding it increasingly difficult to do so. The demand for CFO staff continues to rise as the tasks in finance become more diverse and complex.

Visit the Schulmeister website to view the complete survey findings.