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Risk Management

Risk Management

  • ERM: Frameworks, Elements, and Integration

    How can I identify the risks that could cause my organization to fail to meet its strategies and objectives?

  • A risk challenge culture

    This report – drafted in partnership with ACCA – discusses the need to develop and implement effective risk oversight since the financial crisis.

  • COSO Fraud Management Guide

    All organizations are susceptible to fraudulent activities. Fortunately, management accountants and finance professionals play a critical role in helping their organizations identify, deter, and report fraud risks. Though it is impossible to permanently eradicate all fraud in all organizations, there are a number of resources and best practices that companies can utilize to help develop an effective fraud risk management program.

  • Implementing an Effective Risk Appetite

    This Statement on Management Accounting (SMA) provides board members, corporate executives, and the risk, compliance, and audit professionals who support them, with a set of guidelines, best practices, and practical examples for developing and implementing an effective risk appetite statement (RAS) framework. Moreover, a maturity model is provided to help an organization assess its current state of RAS implementation, with useful benchmarks included for further development.

  • Strategic Risk Management

    Strategic Risk Management Helps Companies “Fail Faster” Yet Improve More Than Ever. An overview of how to measure and manage risk in business