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The Master Guide to Controllers' Best Practices

The Master Guide to Controllers’ Best Practices

Second Edition

The Master Guide to Controllers’ Best Practices, 2nd edition, provides management accountants with a crucial 360° view on staying ahead of the game amid market changeability. The all-inclusive revision to 2013’s hot seller not only lets controllers brush up on the essentials but also provides a great resource for research, best practices, case studies, and tips from controllers/financial professionals. With step-by-step guides, tables, and charts, the book maps the road toward greater leadership and professional mastery for finance professionals in organizations of all shapes and sizes.

New and updated highlights include:

  • Top compliance threats facing controllers today
  • Tips to polish the budgeter’s crystal ball for better balance-sheet forecasts
  • New section on building a sustainable Accounts Payable system, with revised guidelines on managing the Accounts Receivable process
  • Vital updates to ensure that payroll is up to audit standards
  • New case studies on topics like supply chain; benchmarking and metrics; and project management and implementation