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The Current State of Finance and Accounting Management in the Healthcare Industry

What are the challenges and career impacts for finance and accounting professionals operating in the healthcare environment?


In many ways, healthcare is unique not only in the services it provides but in the way it interfaces with its clients and other stakeholders. These unique features present challenges exclusive to the industry for all who work in these environments, including those with management accounting responsibilities.

This report discusses the role of the management accountant in the healthcare industry by: 

  • Providing an overview of the healthcare industry in America.
  • Delineating some of the unique challenges in this industry.
  • Describing the impact on finance and accounting professionals.

Key Insights:

The role of finance and accounting professionals in healthcare is evolving, notably:

  • There is an enhanced focus on internal controls and risk management.
  • Executives are focusing much more on business analytics and performance.
  • The industry’s growth curve is creating huge potential for finance and accounting professionals.

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