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How to Become Endorsed

Become Endorsed in 3 Easy Steps

The application process should not be too time consuming. It is mostly a coordination effort to collect syllabi, homework assignments, and tests that show the rigor of the curriculum, as well as completing a few questions about the program.

  1. Assemble documentation
    • Collect syllabi for all courses within the curricular content section of the application 
    • Provide 4-5 homework and/or test examples that show the rigor of the program
    • Include information on faculty, plagiarism policy, and employer feedback mechanisms
  2. Complete the curricular content section of the application
    • List one course per topic
    • 75% of topics must be taught at the C level (highest level of Bloom’s taxonomy)
  3. Submit completed application
    • Electronic submission strongly preferred
    • Incomplete applications will cause a delay in commencing your review

Apply Now


Here are some articles that can help you through the process and understand how it can benefit your school and students:

Tools and Best Practices

After you become endorsed, IMA offers tools to help you make the most of your Endorsement. IMA provides a toolkit to get the word out about your leading accounting program, which includes:

  • Higher Education Endorsement Program seal and language to include on your school’s website
  • Press release template and sample announcements
  • Sample social media posts and inclusion in IMA’s social media platforms