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Campus Advocate Program

Campus advocates are IMA champions on campus, committed to helping prepare students for successful careers.

When you become a Campus Advocate, you help:

  • Disseminate IMA/CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) marketing materials
  • Promote IMA benefits, student membership, the formation of student chapters, and the CMA credential
  • Invite practitioners to speak on campus
  • Leverage IMA resources to advance your accounting curriculum

What Is the Role of an IMA Campus Advocate?

Campus Advocates help contribute to their students’ future success by engaging in activities such as:

  • Connecting students to the professional world by inviting practitioners from the finance and accounting field to speak to classes, organizations, or clubs
  • Coordinating industry visits to nearby businesses
  • Advising students about career opportunities and which courses would be helpful in pursuing those opportunities
  • Working with the school’s career center to foster relationships with local companies to offer internships in management accounting
  • Providing input to the campus curriculum advisory board to ensure current relevancy of the accounting curriculum
  • Distributing information to students about IMA membership and related activities including formation of student chapters, applying for scholarships, and participating in awards and competitions
  • Promoting student participation at the IMA Student Leadership Conference
  • Encouraging their institution to apply for IMA Higher Education Program endorsement
  • Using IMA programs and materials (webinars, case studies, journal articles, etc.) to supplement course content where appropriate
  • Informing students about the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) program and the benefits of becoming a CMA
  • Nominating students for CMA scholarships
  • Providing a link to IMA’s website ( from the accounting club/accounting department’s website
  • Encouraging students to attend local IMA chapter meetings

Campus Advocate Resource Center

Campus Advocates receive tangible benefits, including waived IMA membership fees*, and prestigious recognitions.

Articles and Supporting Documents  


Campus Advocate Kit**

**If you require any of these materials please contact:


Faculty Fridays 

If you or someone you know is passionate about helping students develop into future leaders within the accounting and finance professions, please complete this short application form.

*Note: Dues will be waived upon submission of IMA student membership list and/or Annual Activity Form that shows completion of required activities. If you are already an IMA member or become one before you enroll 10 IMA student members, your IMA membership will be extended for one year. Each year you must enroll 10 or more new IMA student members for your membership to be extended.