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Strategic Finance September 2003

September 2003
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Is What-You-See Really What-You-Got?
By A. Wayne Avellanet, CMA
Current auditing procedures detect errors of commission rather easily, but it's more difficult to find errors of omission like Enron's special-purpose entities. What's needed is a new comprehensive audit methodology that correlates all activities to a set of reported transactions, thus easing the potential legal liability of the CEO and CFO under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

The Cash Factor
By James A. Weisel, CMA, CPA; Neal Harm; and Cassie F. Bradley, CFP
Arranging for a host bank to collect your receivables for a small percentage can improve cash flow, reduce credit risk, save costs, and improve your balance sheet - all benefits of factoring.

Gartner's Maureen O'Connell: Be a Business Partner First 
By Ramona Dzinkowski
The CFO today has to support operations leaders, ensure integrity in the numbers generated by the company, and establish strong internal controls. Despite the technology sector downturn, Gartner Inc. has continued to flourish with its CFO focusing on the bottom line: Investor confidence is gained by a company's performance.

Are You a Business Partner? 
By Gary Siegel, CPA; James E. Sorensen, CPA; and Sandra B. Richtermeyer, CMA, CPA
Once only bit players in a back office of the corporation, accountants are assuming larger roles as business partners thanks to technological advances that have freed them from time-consuming recordkeeping chores. They still do the accounting work but don't see that as their mission. Their mission is business success and performance excellence.

Web-Based Reporting: A Vision For The Future 
By Charles E. Davis, CPA; Curtis Clements, CPA; and Whit P. Keuer
Based on this analysis of Web-based reporting of the Fortune 100, potential investors are going to find it increasingly easier to find financial data on their favorite companies on the Internet. If this trend continues, financial disclosures will increase, and the quantity of records available on the Net will grow. Companies will be able to be more investor friendly and reduce their paper-based financials but may face new legal issues.

Information On Demand 
By David Menninger
Companies that invested in large-scale enterprise resource planning systems discovered that such systems generate volumes of data but have limited reporting functionality. That is why they are using business performance management tools such as online analytical processing (OLAP) to manipulate the data and generate real-time information.

Fair Value Accounting: Its Time Has Come And Gone 
By Alfred M. King, CMA, CFM
There's no such thing as the value of an asset, says this valuation expert, because different users want different value information. That's why it makes no sense to replace historical cost accounting with fair value accounting.


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