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November 2011
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Assumption-Based Metrics: Recipe for Success
By David Apgar
With 47%-70% of executives expressing dissatisfaction with balanced scorecards, the author looks elsewhere for metrics that matter. Instead of collecting volumes of unfocused data, assumption-based metrics begins with the selection of a company’s most important goals to get the information that will be predictive and useful. After identifying the goals, setting the metrics, and testing the assumptions, companies will know if they are heading toward success.

The Rise of Two-Tier ERP
By Ron Gill, CMA, CFM
Current requirements for global standardization and enterprise-wide transparency have made the “single-instance” ERP system impractical for many. The costs and time needed to deploy large systems like SAP or Oracle at home and at all the subsidiaries have generated an increasing interest in two-tier ERP. This approach uses one ERP system for corporate and a lighter-weight system for subsidiaries and new acquisitions.

What’s Your CMA Worth?
By Gregory L. Krippel and Sheila Mitchell, CPA
Ever wonder what the ROI is for those 300 hours of study toward your CMA certification? Here are two tables that evaluate the investment. One charts the total lifetime career earnings differentials for those with a CMA, and the other shows the rate of return per study hour calculated for all ages between 22 and 59. The hours table includes a cautionary “price of procrastination.”

Why New Technologies Are Reinventing Inventory Management
By Malcolm David Bliss and Ariel Markelevich, CMA
Two technologies, RFID and EPC, have revolutionized inventory management by providing perpetual and specific-item inventories. Radio Frequency Identification and Electronic Product Code technologies improve inventory management in the warehouse, stockroom, and on store shelves with specific identification and quick counting. They also provide information about where the product or capital asset has been.


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