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June 2011
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2010 Salary Survey
By Lee Schiffel, CGFM; Kenneth A. Smith, CPA; and David L. Schroeder
The annual survey answers the question, “How has the recovery affected IMA members?” As expected, the economic recovery is noticeably different across industrial sectors, company size, ownership structure, responsibility area, and age. So, consequently, is compensation. For both men and women overall, average salary and total compensation increased a little from last year, and the survey sorts the differences by age, gender, education, certification, region, and responsibility.

Why a Good Derivatives Policy Could Protect Your Job
By Ann Galligan Kelley, CPA
Derivatives can be quite dangerous for managers who use them. CFOs and controllers don’t have to be derivatives experts, but they do have to know the risks. The four most common risks include: counterparty/credit risk, basis risk, termination risk, and credit downgrades. After explaining these, the author defines the elements of a good derivatives policy.

The Evolution and Growth of Corporate Control Systems
By Rebecca Toppe Shortridge, CPA, and Shaokun Carol Yu, CPA
After a brief description of the evolution of control systems, the authors define three critical activities of management control systems: identifying the organization’s goals, developing compliance systems, and evaluating the results with an eye toward improved performance. Strong boards of directors, characterized by their independence, attentiveness, and the quality of the audit committee, also contribute to strong corporate governance.

Attract and Retain Top Talent
By Julie Hagan Porter
Conditions surrounding the economic recovery will encourage many to leave their current employment for new jobs, and replacing these individuals can be very expensive. Managers need a strong retention strategy to hold onto key talent in this environment as well as a quick, effective recruiting plan to help find quality candidates for newly vacant positions. The author provides tips on both.


Successful Succession Planning

Voluntary Disclosure of Offshore Income

The British Are Coming...with New Bribery Rules

Building Skill Excellence

An Enjoyable Experience


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• Books: The Means to Differentiation
• Generous Contributions to IMA

Using Sparklines to Visualize Your Data

The Master Budget Project: Creating the Navigation Structure

Samsung Chromebook, Nook Color, SplashID Password Manager, Logitech Harmony One

A Very Different Kind of Computer


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