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Strategic Finance June 2009

June 2009
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IMA 2008 Salary Survey
By David L. Schroeder and Karl E. Reichardt, CMA    
As you would expect in the current economic conditions, the 20th Annual Salary Survey finds that IMA members in 2008 didn’t see a statistically significant increase in average salary and total compensation compared to 2007. Overall, the average salary for respondents is $104,092. Once again, the impact of certification on earnings is significant. Members with a certification have an average salary 30% greater than those without a certification.

Does Your Costing System Need a Tune-up?
By Bobby E. Waldrup, CPA; John B. MacArthur, FCCA; and Jeffrey E. Michelman, CMA, CPA   
The effort used to maintain a relevant, effective ABC system should match the effort that went into creating and implementing it. The authors examine how a municipal utility company managed to revive its ABC system with help from an unexpected source. They provide details on how you can diagnose the problems with the ABC initiative at your own company and suggest possible remedies to revitalize it.

Fraud in the Nonprofit Sector? You Bet
By Thomas Buckhoff, CPA, and Abbie Gail Parham, CMA, CFM, CPA   
If you’re entrusted to maintain the books for a charity or a nonprofit, don’t assume that every “do-gooder” is doing right by your organization. Embezzlement is perhaps as commonplace at nonprofits as it is at for-profit firms. This article endeavors to help management accountants and auditors head off fraud at the pass.

Producing Reliable Forecasts
By Bijan Tabatabai   
Business forecasts are used to make better decisions. There are three primary factors that make a forecast reliable—it must be actionable, unbiased, and realistically measure the risk it carries. It’s important to remember that a forecast will never be entirely accurate. The key issue is how much it is off and in what way. Supporting tools, such as the Forecast Scorecard and Range Forecast, can help measure the bias and risk attached to forecasts, improving their reliability.


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