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Strategic Finance June 2003

June 2003
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IMA 2002 Salary Guide
By David L. Schroeder and Karl E. Reichardt, CMA
IMA’s 2002 salary survey shows salaries increased 5.3% over 2001. Other trends indicate members’ average age is older (44), more have certifications (66%), and the salary gap between men and women is widening again. The women members surveyed, however, tend to be younger, hold more entry-level positions than men, and tend to have fewer years of experience in the field.

How To Be a Top Strategic Advisor
By Brian Hamilton
Numbers aren't an end in themselves—they're just the beginning. The bottom line for finance professionals is to think from the top down, not the bottom up, and put the numbers in a form that the CEO can understand and use to make better decisions.

The Art Of Earnouts 
By Brian Craig, J.D., and Andy Smith, CMA, CPA
Earnout” acquisitions in which the buyer agrees to pay part of the acquisition up front and more later depending on how well the acquisition does are popular now as a result of the pooling-of-interest decision. Two investment bankers describe the advantages and pitfalls of this M&A strategy.

Privacy Protection On The Internet 
By Linda Lee Larson, CPA; Robert K. Larson, CMA, CPA; and Janet Greenlee, CPA
Companies with international operations are discovering that they are at risk because of privacy protection laws. U.S. companies, for example, aren’t subject to as strict privacy laws as companies in the European Union. As a result, they could find themselves in the uncomfortable position of not knowing who their international customers are because of failure to comply with the E.U. Privacy Directive.

Managing A Business As A Portfolio Of Customers To Drive Profit 
By Mike Alger, CPA
This manufacturer of aluminum extrusion products grew from seven to 19 plants in about a year, then found itself not as profitable as it had forecast. It reviewed its operations from sales to the plant level and discovered that not everyone was on the same page as far as objectives and success ratios were concerned. With the help of new business intelligence software, it realigned its operations—focusing on customer metrics.


The IMA Vision: Global Leadership.

Strategy and the Board of Directors.

Tips for a successful relocation.

The IRS expands use of the cash method: Help for small business taxpayers.

Cairo University ties for lead in CMA exam completers in 2001.


Leslie Seidman named to FASB; Gary Schieneman reappointed
Job news good for accounting grads
Ethical corporations are still more profitable
Credit agencies in congressional crosshairs
Books: Finding the value of financial investments

New writing, publishing, and reporting software.

Escaping the catch.

Foes of stock-option expensing rise again.

Creating business knowledge for strategic leadership.

Really Retro.


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