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Strategic Finance July 2009

July 2009
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Are We Safe Yet?
By Robert A. Listerman, CPA, CITRMS, and James Romesberg, CITRMS   
As the rate of data breaches continues to grow, it’s imperative that companies take steps to safeguard the personally indentifying information they manage—about their customers and their employees. The consequences of having a data breach can be severely damaging. Following a few simple, low-cost steps can help create a culture of security at your organization and greatly reduce the possibility of a data breach.

Speed Bump or Barricade?
By Michael J.R. Hoffman and Karen S. McKenzie, CPA, CGFM   
FAs the discussion regarding the convergence of U.S. GAAP and IFRS continues, it appears that one contentious item will be the use of the Last-in, First-out (LIFO) inventory method. International standards don’t permit the use of LIFO, and U.S. companies using it won’t be happy with having to convert and lose any tax savings. But just how real is this potential conflict? There’s plenty of time and opportunity for further compromise to remove this obstacle.

Supply Chain Cash-to-Cash
BBy Paul D. Hutchison, M. Theodore Farris II, and Gary M. Fleischman, CMA, CPA   
Cash-to-cash strategies offer additional opportunities for greater efficiencies in a supply chain environment. By sharing data with trading partners—whether for inter- or intracompany supply chains—everyone can improve cash flow and profitability. The increased communication also leads to greater teamwork and trust among partners.

2009 Carl Menconi Case Writing Competition MEOU: This Co-Op Scratches Rather than Purrs
By Cecily Raiborn, CMA, CPA, and Roselyn Morris, CPA  
The winning entry in the 2009 Carl Menconi Case Writing Competition focuses on the actions of a fictitious electric cooperative in Mississippi. The case poses the questions of what the cooperative’s chief accountant, a CMA, could and should have done in circumstances that potentially point to fiduciary inconsistencies and what consequences such actions might have. Key issues include fiduciary responsibility to member-owners, corporate governance, and internal controls.


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Palm Pre,™ Sony Ericsson GreenHeart, Nuance’s OmniPage, Econo-Keys EK-76-TP Keyboard

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