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Strategic Finance August 2007

August 2007
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John B. Pollara: IMA Champion
Kathy Williams
The new IMA Chair sees increased membership as his primary goal. John understands the benefits, explaining, “There was never a point in my career where some aspect of IMA didn’t apply, and today there’s absolutely something for everyone.”

Finding Your Cost-of-Compliance Sweet Spot
John Schneider
Compliance program costs have increased exponentially, and although they mitigate risk, there’s a point beyond which investment in compliance fails to be cost effective. Finding that area where investment is equal to mitigated risk is important for all companies.

Retaliation: Unlawful, Unethical, or Just to Be Expected?
Deborah F. Beard, CMA
After describing the many kinds of retaliation that can be directed at an employee whistleblower, the author reviews the laws that apply. Section 806 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is designed to protect whistleblowers, as are Title VII and Title IX of the Civil Rights Act. The EEOC and IMA’s Statement of Ethical Professional Practice are also applicable.

5 Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management 
Bob Paladino, CPA
Part three of the series of articles focuses on Principles 4 and 5—Improve Performance and Manage and Leverage Knowledge. The Bronson Methodist Hospital book case is used again as the author discusses customer focus, improving customer experience and customer processes, and best practices for improving performance. Knowledge processes include organization, skill sharing and communication, improving skills, and best practices.

Beyond Budgeting or Better Budgeting? 
Theresa Libby, CA, and R. Murray Lindsay, CMA
Just how important and useful is budgeting? Survey respondents look at weaknesses that are built in, such as budget gaming, and they ask whether traditional budgeting systems add value. Their conclusions? Keep the process, but it needs improvement.

IMA Student Case Competition Building Processes for a Solid Financial Foundation: The Case of Community Health Initiatives 
Sandra Richtermeyer, CMA, CPA
The case study follows an auditor as she takes on a new professional role as director of finance for a company that needs to create a new budget process and more sophisticated financial information for its board of directors. Students are asked to guide and advise both the vocational and corporate changes.


Hidden gems.

Don’t say it’s too much.

Going, going, gone: the hybrid vehicle tax credit.

Ethical culture more important than ever.

IMA’s strategic initiatives.


Cheryl Linthicum named academic accounting fellow Barriers to change
Letters: Wake up, AACSB
New financial reporting committee faces uphill slog
Books: Weighing risks effectively


Is the Internet doomed to self-destruct?

Internet classics.


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