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Strategic Finance August 2005

August 2005
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Beyond Compliance: Why Integrated Governance Matters Today
By Cristiano Busco, Mark L. Frigo, Elena Giovannoni, Angelo Riccaboni, and Robert W. Scapens
Recent corporate accounting breakdowns have brought compliance governance to the fore, but just as important are performance measurement and knowledge management. The Integrated Governance Scorecard (IGS) is designed to monitor and measure all three of these critical issues. Research at three international companies - General Electric, Whirlpool, and Nestle - illustrates the holistic approach some of the best companies are taking and the greater role CFOs are assuming.

Carl S. Smith: Elevating the CMA
By Kathy Williams
IMA's new Chair is a firm believer in the value of certification - and why not? He holds the CMA, CFM, CPA certifications and is a Ph.D. to boot. "Our vision," he says, "is the world's leading association for management accounting and finance professionals." If IMA members and leaders work together to create a value proposition; attract, engage, and retain members; and focus on brand management and corporate governance, he believes they can achieve success.

Sorting Out the Clutter
By Jeff Thomson and Jim Gurowka
ABC, ABM, TOC - which strategic costing method is "right" for you? According to these two experts, "it depends." They say each organization needs to assess its own business issues, tolerance for data collection, and levels of required accuracy and then begin. Financial executives are urged to follow best practices and talk to those who have been successful.

Suzie's Sweater: the New Paradigm in Accounting 
By Alfred M. King, CMA, CFM
Revenue recognition is one of the most important problems that the FASB is wrestling with currently. Some observers say there are more than 200 separate approaches to revenue recognition in today's accounting literature. A simple purchase of a sweater illustrates the complexity of the problem.

Guarding the Guardians
By Joan Hodowanitz and Steven A. Solieri, CPA, CMA, CIA, CISAs
The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, created by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, has posted the results of its limited 2003 inspections of the Big 4 auditing firms. Some critics, however, question whether clients and the public are truly protected if the most sensitive results of future audits by this public auditor are kept confidential. The new oversight agency also may have staff problems.


The importance of the IMA brand.

Feedback: gift to the giver.

Avoiding today's top hiring mistakes.

Social Security: The topic du jour-Part 2.

Benchmarking ethics and compliance programs.

Combating everyday data problems with XBRL - Part 2.

A global glance at business spending.


FASB, IASB publish joint proposals on business combinations
Making CMA the gold standard
Error in salary survey
Grassley wants pension accounting changes
Books: Red (ink) on their hands

Separation anxiety.

Anonymous glory.



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