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April 2013
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What Makes a CFO “the Best”?
By Noah P. Barsky, CMA, CPA, and Anthony H. Catanach Jr., CMA, CPA
As the role of the CFO continues to evolve from a traditional corporate gatekeeper into a strategically focused business partner, the skills needed to fulfill that role also change. An evaluation of the education, experience, performance, and gender of some top CFOs examines the skill set that can help today’s CFOs best address three key dimensions: strategy, process, and performance measurement.

XBRL in America: Are We There Yet?
By Ramona Dzinkowski
Long touted as an important tool for financial reporting, XBRL continues to face some challenges and roadblocks on its path toward acceptance and implementation. As the mandates requiring XBRL expand, the next question is, “Has XBRL delivered on its promises to industry?” The benefits and challenges are reported along with suggestions for getting the most out of the markup system.

Your Prized Executive Is Leaving. Now What?
By John R. Ledgerwood, CMA, CFM, CPA, and Stephen N. Morgan
The departure of a key member of your organization can quickly throw things into turmoil if the person is tightly tied to the firm in the minds of investors. For these reasons and others, nonprofits and for-profits alike should have an established succession plan for identifying a worthy replacement. This article examines how one global nonprofit is planning proactively for the future.

An Opportunity Cost Primer
By Christopher H. Volk
Virtually all companies correctly focus on absolute financing costs in making their decisions, but those that focus equally on opportunity costs are likely to garner more rewards. The author discusses shareholder wealth creation by focusing on shareholder pre-tax rates of return on invested equity. He presents this as a finance concept rather than something that can be interpreted from a financial statement.


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