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Spring 2009
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Profitable Customer Management: Measuring and Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value
By V. Kumar and Bharath Rajan
Do you know which of your customers are profitable for you and which ones are not? You might be surprised to find that customers you think you should keep are really detrimental to your company’s health and that you should not part ways with others. Here is a guide to measuring customer value.

How Management Accountants Can Become Key Members of the Six Sigma Team
By Marsha Scheidt, DBA, CMA; Greg Thibadoux, Ph.D.; and Will S. Rosener, DML
Lean Six Sigma is a methodology used to improve quality in business processes, and management accountants have the technical and interpersonal skills to be key team members and leaders on Six Sigma projects. This hypothetical case study shows how.

Activity-Based Costing: Is It Still Relevant?
By William O. Stratton, Ph.D., CMA; Denis Desroches; Raef A. Lawson, Ph.D., CMA, CPA, CFA; and Toby Hatch
Although activity-based costing (ABC) was popular during the 1990s, it began to lose its luster over the next few years, and stories abounded about how companies stopped using it. Now it seems to be coming back. In this study of 348 manufacturing and service companies worldwide, results indicate that ABC still offers value from strategic and operational perspectives.

Use ERP Internal Control Exception Reports to Monitor and Improve Controls
By Leslie D. Turner, DBA, CMA, CFM, and Vincent Owhoso, Ph.D.
Current enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have some new reporting capabilities, particularly internal control exception reports, that companies can use to monitor and improve their corporate controls to be able to comply with a host of rules and regulations.

The Past as Prologue: Connecting History to Accounting Ethics
By Lawrence Metzger, Ph.D., CMA, CFM, CPA
Accounting professionals sometimes face difficult ethical dilemmas. Even though they know what they are supposed to do in these cases, making the right decision can be complex, depending on the circumstances and people involved. Examining world history and some of its leaders can help management accountants make the right choices.


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