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IMA Research Foundation

IMA's Research Foundation funds timely research in accounting and financial management subjects.

Applied Research Track

The goal of this track is to help bridge the gap between academics and management accounting professionals while contributing to the development of knowledge in the profession. Manuscripts accepted for the track will be considered for publication in Management Accounting Quarterly.

Submissions due by November 9th, 2016

Applied Research Track Overview: click here

IMA Incubator Grant Program
We are now accepting proposals for grants of up to $5000 for smaller innovate projects.  For more details see the submission guidelines and application below. 

Submissions due by December 31st, 2015.

Incubator Grant Overview & Application:  click here

Emerging Scholar Manuscript Award

This award recognizes the accomplishments of the newest members of the management accounting academic community.

IMA is proud to announce the 2015 award recipient Dimitris Vrettos, Ph.D., Southern Methodist University, Cox School of Business.

Submissions Due: January 31st, 2016

Emerging Scholar Program Overview: click here

Doctoral Summer Reseach Scholarship Program

The scholarship program helps alleviate the need for doctoral students to assume teaching responsibilities during the summer.

Submissions Due: April 15, 2016 (earlier preferred)

Doctoral Summer Research Scholarship Overview and Application: click here

Research Grant Program

The Foundation encourages submission of innovative research proposals in the area of accounting and finance by both academics and practitioners. Download the Research Program brochure for complete information about the program's objectives and proposal guidelines.

Doctoral Student Grant Program

IMA's Research Foundation has a research grant program for doctoral students in management accounting and financial management. The Research Foundation Doctoral Student Grant Program is designed to assist accounting doctoral students who are pursuing research that has the potential to contribute to the management accounting profession. Research conducted in connection with a dissertation or other project is eligible for funding.

Download the guidelines for submitting Doctoral Student Grant proposals for complete information about the program's objectives and proposal process.

Questions about IMA's Research Foundation's Research Program and Doctoral Student Grant Program can be submitted to:

Kip Krumwiede, CMA, CPA, Ph.D.
Director of Research
Committee Staff Liaison
+1 (800) 638-4427
ext. 1732

Trustees and Directors

Research Foundation Trustees

Bruce Neumann, Ph.D
University of Colorado
Committee Chair

Research Foundation Directors

Margaret L. Andersen, Ph.D.
North Dakota State University

Dr. Karen A. Campbell, CMA, CFM, ABC
Lid Machine Co

Giovanni Chin-A-Sen, CMA
Blue Bird Corporation

Gary M. Cokins, CPIM
Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC

Dr. Gary M. Cunningham, CPA
Gävle University

Anthony P. Curatola, Ph.D.
Drexel University

Kip Krumwiede, CMA, CPA, Ph.D.
Committee Staff Liaison
Director of Research

Emil Diaz, CMA, CPIM, CSCP
Parker Hannifin Corporation

Shane DiKolli, Ph.D.
Duke University

Christine Helen Doxey
Doxey, Inc

Anne M. Farrell, CPA
Miami University

Dipankar Ghosh, Ph.D.
University of Oklahoma
Research Doctoral Proposal Review Chair

R. Lynn Hannan, Ph.D. 
Tulane University 

Aleecia Hibbets, Ph.D.
University of Louisiana Monroe

Anjum Israr, CGMA
Asian Development Bank

Gregory A. Jonas, Ph.D., CMA
Case Western Reserve University
Research Academic Proposal Review Chair

James M. Kohlmeyer III, Ph.D., CPA 
Clemson University

William R. Koprowski, CMA, CFM, CFE, CIA, CHFP
College of Charleston

Thomas W. Lin, Ph.D., CMA
University of Southern California

Leonard T. Long, CMA, CFM 
Quincy College 
Board Liaison to Foundation
Performance Oversight and Audit 

Susan H. Maddux, CPA
Country Music Foundation, Inc

Keith Maki, CMA

Srikrishna Mankal, CMA, BSEE
Precision Castparts Corporation

Dr. Gavin McQuarrie

Mark D. Mishler, CMA, CFM, CPA
Seton Hall University

Michael Shields, Ph.D.
Michigan State University 

Dr. William B. Tayler
Brigham Young University

Kristy L. Towry, Ph.D. 
Emory University

Mark D. Walters
Principal W.F.T.

Susan Weiss, Ph.D., CMA, CFM
Bryant University
Awards Program Chair

Sally Widener, Ph.D., CPA, CIA 
Clemson University 

Minna Yu, CPA
Monmouth University

Dr. Jidong Zhang
California State University, Fullerton


In 1919, IMA®(Institute of Management Accountants), then known as the National Association of Cost Accountants, was the first organization established to conduct research for the management accounting profession. Through excellence in research, IMA provides business decision makers with information of strategic importance. More than 500 researchers have produced more than 250 studies.

In recognition of the vital role of IMA research, IMA's Foundation for Applied Research, Inc. (FAR) was formed in 1994, IMA's 75th anniversary year. The founding trustee's intent was to ensure sufficient resources, both human and financial, to sustain and augment IMA's role as a valued center of research on the most important practice issues of the day while also identifying financial management trends to meet the challenges of the next millennium.

As of November 2011, IMA's Foundation for Applied Research (FAR) was renamed IMA Research Foundation.

Funding Sources

Funding for IMA Research Foundation, a 501(c)(3), nonprofit, educational organization, is derived from support by the business community and individuals. Contributors are recognized in IMA's monthly magazine, Strategic Finance.