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Why do thousands of accounting and financial professionals invest in IMA membership? In a word: value.

IMA is your one-stop source for professional development and career enhancement—giving you access to the tools, information, and peer networks you need to drive your professional potential.

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IMA Members Say

"Volunteering with IMA has been a great way for me to practice, learn, and gain leadership experience. Early in my professional career, I was able to serve as president of IMA's Ann Arbor chapter. I actually had more "direct reports" in that role than I did on the job! By donating my time to IMA, I've gained skills that I've been able to apply on the job and personally.*

Susan E. Bos, CMA, CPA Tax and Accounting Manager Washtenaw County Treasurer's Office

IMA Members Say

"As a recent graduate, I needed help finding my first job. While attending my local IMA chapter meeting, one of the officers asked me if I had found a job yet. When I told her I hadn't, she took it upon herself to help me find a position. Now I'm employed by a great company, thanks to my networking connections through IMA."

Igor Levit
Budget Analyst Umbaugh & Associates

IMA Members Say

"IMA helped develop me as a leader. As a young professional, there are so many misconceptions I had about employers and the working world. However, through my involvement with IMA, I have learned to speak up about things that don't make sense, to be informed on topics I never knew were important, and to appreciate every relationship."

Tasheé Singleton
Accountant II Columbus State University

IMA Members Say

"Don't just blindly follow the CPA track. More than 80% of accounting professionals wind up working in industry, so be aware of the non-public accounting opportunities. The big CPA firms sponsor everything on campus, so it's easy to think they're the only game in town. They're not."

Paula Riemer, CMA, CPA
Senior Financial Analyst The Martin-Brower Co., LLC 

IMA Members Say

"Membership in IMA is a professional and personal challenge. Through certification, networking, volunteering, and continuing education, membership in IMA has given me opportunities to become more technically knowledgeable and to continuously improve my "soft" skills. For me, IMA is the perfect place to grow."

Kyle Webb
Accountant Marathon Oil Corporation

IMA Members Say

"The CMA gave me the cohesion and validation that I needed. Because I come from India and my education and experience came from there, my background wasn't as easily recognized. It's been very helpful for me to have this designation, because it shows that I'm a person who understands all the things that are tested on the exam."

Raj Bansal, CMA, CFM
Assistant VP, Banking Specialist HSBC Bank