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Nearly 300 chapters worldwide provide a forum for networking with peers.

Chapters offer a range of professional education programs to earn NASBA-approved CPE credits, as well as leadership, mentoring, community service, and authorship opportunities.

Membership in an IMA chapter is exclusive to IMA members and is included in your IMA membership dues.

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Chapter-level activities:

Professional Educational Programs are a combination of educational, networking, and social activities for members. Through presentations by local speakers, members are kept abreast of the latest developments and applications in the management accounting field, and earn NASBA-approved CPE credits. Through informal discussions with their peers, members can share work experiences or problems and receive instant feedback or solutions they can use on their jobs.

These meetings are organized and attended by members at the local level. The smaller size of these meetings promotes a free flow of ideas and permits tailoring of the technical presentation to the needs of a particular group.

Networking Activities afford members the chance to make new friends and socialize with their peers in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. This setting can lead to mutual help–one member’s experience provides the answer to another’s problem–and promotes an easier exchange of ideas among members in different areas of the accounting field.

Leadership Training is an additional benefit of chapter participation. Participation in chapter leadership activities–open to all members–has been called “the best management training.” Service on the chapter board of directors gives a member experience in all phases of management leadership.

Mentoring is an extremely important component of any professional association. One of the most valuable assets your career can have is a good mentor. Then the responsibility to become a mentor to others is passed along. Young professionals and students are looking for this guidance from seasoned professionals who share the same career path.

Community Service programs are conducted by many chapters to guide proprietors of new and struggling small businesses and to participate in local civic service endeavors. These programs offer members a way to contribute to their own communities in an organized and effective manner while practicing and developing their own management skills.

Chapter Portal

Resources and assets for local chapter activities.

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IMA Student Chapters

Student chapters are a vital part of IMA's community.

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For information on starting an IMA Student Chapter on your campus, download the Student Chapter Manual

Each year the students and their chapters vie for the Award of Excellence (AOE) and Outstanding Student Chapter.

These programs aim to engage all student chapters to promote IMA's mission and vision as well as to provide a broad spectrum of activities and services to its Student members.

Complete AOE rules and application

To learn more about IMA Student Chapters, contact:

Tara Barker
Community Relations Manager of West Coast Chapters
(201) 474-1535

Wore Giotta
Community Relations Manager of East Coast Chapters & International Chapters
(201) 474-1524