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Research Foundation

Research Foundation

IMA's Research Foundation is dedicated to funding relevant, thought-provoking research that furthers the knowledge and scope of accounting and financial management. To date, the Foundation has bestowed more than $1,000,000 in research grants to academics and doctoral students.

  • Applied Research Track
    • This track helps bridge the gap between academics and management accounting professionals while encouraging knowledge development in the profession.
    • Submissions due by November 9, 2016
    • Applied Research Track Overview

  • IMA Incubator Grant Program
    • The Incubator Grant Program awards grants of up to $5,000 for small Proof of Concept projects that will lead to more in-depth research.
    • Submissions due by December 31, 2016
    • Incubator Grant Overview & Application

  • Emerging Scholar Manuscript Award
    • This award recognizes the accomplishments of the newest members of the management accounting academic community.
    • Submission Date: January 31st, 2017
    • Emerging Scholar Program Overview

  • Doctoral Summer Research Scholarship Program

  • Research Grant Program
    • The Research Grant Program awards grants for innovative research proposals relating to primary management accounting activities such as decision support, planning, and control.
    • Research Grant Program Overview

  • Doctoral Student Grant Program
    • The Doctoral Student Grant Program assists accounting doctoral students who are pursuing research that has the potential to contribute to the management accounting profession.
    • Doctoral Student Grant Program Overview

Questions about IMA's Research Foundation's Research Program and Doctoral Student Grant Program can be submitted to:

Kip Krumwiede, CMA, CPA, Ph.D.
IMA Director of Research
Committee Staff Liaison
+1 (800) 638-4427, ext. 1732


Trustees and Directors

Research Foundation Trustees

  • Gregory A. Jonas, Ph.D., CMA
    Case Western Reserve University
    Committee Chair

Research Foundation Directors

  • Margaret L. Andersen, Ph.D.
    North Dakota State University
  • Dr. Karen A. Campbell, CMA, CFM, ABC
    Lid Machine Co.
  • Giovanni Chin-A-Sen, CMA
    Blue Bird Corporation
  • Gary M. Cokins, CPIM
    Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC
  • Dr. Gary M. Cunningham, CPA
    Gävle University
  • Anthony P. Curatola, Ph.D.
    Drexel University
  • Kip Krumwiede, CMA, CPA, Ph.D.
    Committee Staff Liaison
    IMA Director of Research
  • Emil Diaz, CMA, CPIM, CSCP
    Parker Hannifin Corporation
  • Shane DiKolli, Ph.D.
    Duke University
  • Dipankar Ghosh, Ph.D.
    University of Oklahoma
    Research Doctoral Proposal Review Chair
  • R. Lynn Hannan, Ph.D.
    Tulane University
  • Douglas T. Hicks, CPA
    D T Hicks & Co.
  • Anjum Israr, CGMA
    Asian Development Bank
  • James M. Kohlmeyer III, Ph.D., CPA
    Clemson University
  • William R. Koprowski, CMA, CFM, CFE, CIA, CHFP
    College of Charleston
  • Thomas W. Lin, Ph.D., CMA
    University of Southern California
    Board Liaison to Foundation
    Performance Oversight and Audit
  • Susan H. Maddux, CPA
    Country Music Foundation, Inc.
  • Keith Maki, CMA
  • Srikrishna Mankal, CMA, BSEE
    Precision Castparts Corporation
  • Dr. Gavin McQuarrie, CMA
  • Mark D. Mishler, CMA, CFM, CPA
    Seton Hall University
  • Bruce Neumann, Ph.D.
    University of Colorado
    Research Academic Proposal Review Chair
  • David E. Stout
    Youngstown State University
  • Dr. William B. Tayler
    Brigham Young University
  • Kristy L. Towry, Ph.D.
    Emory University
  • Mark D. Walters
    Principal W.F.T.
  • Susan Weiss, CMA, CFM, Ph.D.
    Bryant University
    Awards Program Chair
  • Dr. Jidong Zhang
    California State University, Fullerton