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Continuing Education FAQs

Upon completion of your exams, you are required to complete 30 hours of continuing education annually. A minimum of 2 hours of the 30 must be appropriate Ethics training.

What is the CPE requirement for CMAs/CFMs?
CMAs/CFMs - 30 CPE credits each calendar year. Two of the 30 hours must cover appropriate ethics topics.

When does my CPE requirement start?
The CPE requirements begins the calendar year following exam completion (for example, if you completed June 2005, the CPE requirement began Jan 1, 2006).

How do I report my CPE credits?
Credits earned at IMA seminars are automatically reported on your billing statement. You are required to check "I am in compliance" or "I am not in compliance" on the IMA dues billing statement. It is printed in red on the top right-hand side of the document. Please note that you are reporting for the previous calendar year, i.e., 2005 CPE is reported on your 2006 billing statement.

Outside providers are not included in this reporting. The documentation does not have to be submitted, but should be retained by the member as IMA randomly verifies this information.

How does IMA verify my credits from outside providers?
If you are selected by IMA for verification of your credits, you will then be asked to submit proper documentation, i.e., certificate, attendance roster, etc. Records should be kept for 3 years.

I have completed more than my required credits. Can any credits be carried forward to next year? 
When a certified member (CMA®/CFM®) completes more than 30 credits in a given year, up to 10 credits may be carried forward to the next year (i.e., if 38 credits are completed, 8 may be carried forward; if 45 credits are completed, only 10 credits may be carried forward).

What is the policy for delinquency in reporting required CPE credits?
Certification status becomes inactive when a CMA/CFM fails to complete 30 CPE credits in a year. To return to good standing, the CMA/CFM must complete 60 CPE credits by the end of the next calendar year (i.e., 30 credits for the current year plus any shortfalls from the previous year). For instance, if a CMA/CFM completed 20 credits in 2005 and reported 40 credits in 2006, the status will be returned to good standing.

If the 60 credits were not accomplished in the two-year period, the only way to return to good standing is to complete 60 credits in the next calendar year.

Do I get CPE credit for the CMA examination?
You earn 10 hours of CPE for each hour of exam time on the CMA certification exam that you pass. CMA exam CPE credits will be posted to your account on a monthly basis.

What topics and programs are acceptable for CPE credit?
The topics should be related to those covered on the CMA examination and/or your job responsibilities.

For example, all aspects of accounting, business applications of mathematics and statistics, computer science, economics, finance, management, production, marketing, business law, and behavioral science.

Programs may be regular college courses, seminars, workshops or technical meetings under the direction of a speaker, instructor or discussion leaders.


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