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Current CMA Candidates

"Cummins is a strong advocate for the CMA program, and there’s a lot of encouragement within the company to get certified. I hadn’t been with the company very long when I realized that taking the CMA would offer many advantages."

Kurt Riddle, CMA
Cummins Inc.

"I believe it’s very important that people demonstrate mastery of a subject by earning an objective signal or sign that they have achieved a certain level of competency. That’s why the CMA is such an excellent certification: It shows mastery of a very broad range of subjects."

Dr. Wanda A. Wallace, CMA, CPA, CIA

“Financial analysis and decision support are central to management accounting practice, and the CMA focuses on these areas.”

David Burritt, CMA, CPA
U.S. Steel

“At Microsoft, we look for a combination of solid accounting skills, the ability to think strategically, and strong business ethics. If someone is a CMA, we can be more comfortable that the person has mastered these aspects of the profession.”

Bob Laux, CMA, CPA
Microsoft Corporation

“I didn’t really follow a traditional accounting path: I majored in management and economics in college…As a manager, I’ve encouraged many members of my staff to pursue their certification. I decided that it was time to lead by example and earned one myself.”

Julie A. Lagacy, CMA
Caterpillar Inc.

"I see it as my goal to help students and to be a positive influence on their lives. I really feel like it’s my duty to tell the students about the advantages of the CMA and what it can mean to their careers."

Mark DeRemer,

Concordia University of Wisconsin

Self-Study Courses

Please note that the ICMA is independent from all training vendors and does not sponsor or endorse any of these programs.

Becker CMA
(800) 868-3900

(855) 727-7262

CMA/CPA School of Washington
(703) 273-5745

CMA University
(610) 325-9162

ExamMatrix™ CMA Review
(800) 272-PASS (7277)

Fast Forward Academy - Free Study Bank
(888) 798-PASS (7277)

Gleim CMA Review 
(800) 87-Gleim

HOCK international
CMA Preparatory Programs
(866) 807-HOCK (4625)

Lambers CMA Review
(800) 272-0707

Power Resources Corporation
(647) 428-3426

Rigos CMA Review
(206) 624-0716

Tutorial Group CMA Review
 (800) 435-3769

Wiley CMA excel
(888) 884-5669

This list of CMA review courses and/or self-study programs is prepared by the ICMA from information supplied by the organizations offering the courses and is provided to assist candidates in preparing for the certification exams. These review courses are private programs and are not sponsored or endorsed by the ICMA. For specific information on the course, contact the individual vendor.


Any reproduction, reuse, or distribution of CMA materials relating to exam review without prior written permission from the publisher is illegal and a material violation of IMA's Statement of Ethical Professional Practice.

Any CMA or CMA candidate who reproduces, reuses, or distributes CMA materials without prior authorization from IMA is subject to legal action and will be immediately expelled from the IMA and CMA program.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any CMA exam review materials that you are using have been provided to you through authorized channels or personnel (i.e., IMA, Gleim, Rigos, Hock, PassMatix, Lambers, etc.).