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IMA offers strategic partnerships and a range of advertising and promotional opportunities in connection with our print and electronic publications, conferences, and events.

When you advertise with IMA you will reach more than 70,000 accountants and financial professionals:

  • 13% are in top management (CEO, CFO, senior VP, treasurer)
  • 30% are controllers or higher
  • 47% are department directors or managers or higher
  • 70% work in companies with more than $10 million in revenue
  • 25% hold a professional certification, either CMA or CPA or both

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Print Advertising

Strategic Finance

When you advertise in Strategic Finance, you will reach more than 53,000 accoutants and financial professionals who rely on IMA's award-winning monthly magazine to:

  • Learn more about best practices
  • Keep on top of issues and trends in accounting and finance
  • Help them perform their jobs more effectively
  • Help make their organizations more profitable

Download the editorial calendar.

Download the Strategic Finance Media Kit.

For questions or additional information, please contact:

Alice Schulman
Advertising/Circulation Coordinator
(800) 638-4427, ext. 1547
From outside the U.S.: +1 (201) 474-1547

Online Advertising


IMA produces and hosts hour-long webinars on many topics of interest to IMA members. By becoming a Presenting Sponsor of a single event or webinar series, you’ll be able to deliver best-practice information, add to your thought-leadership positioning, increase your brand awareness, and generate qualified leads. Our live, interactive webinars are offered free to IMA members and average 850 registrants and more than 500 attendees.   


IMA’s website provides high-profile opportunities for strategic partners to display their logo with links to their site or landing pages informing IMA members of their unique products and offerings. We customize each client campaign, integrating all of our intellectual property and distribution channels to maximize results.  


There is no better way to deliver timely, one-to-one communication of key messages and calls to action than through IMA’s targeted E-newsletters. Text links and banners can be employed along with 1-2 paragraphs of dedicated client content. The full IMA membership of about 65,000, receive one issue of the IMA Online News (ION) weekly and two issues of Strategic TechNotes every month. Other subsets of the membership can elect to receive Research Connection, CMA Connection, Campus Connection, and Career Connection.

Please contact:

Steve Shannon
Business Development Associate
(201) 474-1560

Direct Mail

The IMA list offers direct access to thousands of engaged professionals. Renting the IMA list is an effective direct marketing tool you can use to inform our members— your prospects— letting them know you are eager to conduct business and maintain a top-of-mind presence throughout the year.

For more information, counts or to place an order, contact INFOCUS Marketing at 800.708.5478, sales@InfocusMarketing.com or view IMA list details online at http://www.infocusmarketing.com/datacard/ima.

Events & Exhibits

IMA's Annual Conference & Exposition and Annual Student Leadership Conference offer advertisers an opportunity to showcase their products and services before a highly qualified audience of active accounting and finance professionals and students soon to join the profession. For more information about exhibit and advertising opportunities at IMA conferences and events, please contact:

Steve Shannon
Business Development Associate
(201) 474-1560

Partnerships & Alliances

IMA seeks to form Strategic Partnerships with leading providers of products and services to create exclusive programs that are of benefit to our members. For information on establishing a Strategic Partnership with IMA, please contact:

Steve Shannon
Business Development Associate

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